20-min Face Lift   *   20-min Rejuvenation  *   20-min Skin Lightening   *   Hair Growth   *  Acne   *    Eczema      

IELLIOS was originally invented by Professor Sofra, Ph.D, Ph.D and her UK colleagues, on the basis of London University cellular regeneration research. The technology is based on a proprietary formula designed to develop a cellular language that resonates with the biological system to repair and reinstate the functionality of signalling pathways. it's like fixing the internet which is now necessary for the world to go round, or eliminating roadblocks to let traffic flow unobstructed. IELLIOS utilizes nanoenergies below thermal noise which have been mathematically proven to control the gates of Ion Channels-- see Wilson P Ranston "Electron Gated Ion Channels" published in 2008. Ion channels are like the doors and windows of the cell serving as entry points for the IELLIOS signals. Only signals in sync and resonant with our natural biological network are accepted. Our bodies have defences which immediately discard non-resonant or discordant signals as noise. Since only useful signals can be accepted the technology is perfectly and inherently the safest remedy to restore and revive cellular interaction. 

The IELLIOS has two physical channels and 64 virtual channels that are intertwined to compose 12 programs targeting skin repair, hair growth, reducing pigmentations and stretchmarks, for youthful skin, vaginal rejuvenation, bone repair, rehabilitation after injury and pain relief. Each of these programs are composed of hundreds of sections of mini-programs that last from 4-20 secs before alternating to the next one. Each of these sections or mini-programs is composed with up to 10,000 waveforms based on the specifics of our proprietary software formula. This is a unique, handmade, exclusive technology that offers the science of tomorrow, today.   


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